Who Is SAN Ninja?

I guess its strange to define yourself via your job, but San Ninja is my alter-ego in regards to my professional work. While I have been passionate about computers and technology from a young age, I seem to have gravitated away from the simplicity and limitations of the client side, and focused on the advancements that Servers and Enterprise hardware had to offer.

Eventually I realized that even Enterprise servers had their limitations, and that the fun (challenging) technology existed in both the Network infrastructure and the Storage Protocols. At the time (1996) the brand new technology of Storage Area Networks (SAN) was just emerging and the Fibre Channel (FC) protocol just released.

I have been building Storage Area Networks ever since based both on FC and iSCSI and as the technology has grown and changed I have been on the front lines. While what I do has not changed significantly, who I do it for has changed over the years. I have 5 years of experience at HP, then 5 years at Dell, then 5 years at Microsoft, and then 5 years at NetApp. I currently work for Nimble Storage and have for the past 2 years, although a year ago Nimble Storage was purchased by HPE.

I have also been involved with SNIA (Storage Network Industry Association) since 1998 when it formed. This is a industry association focused on working across the entire industry for the betterment of the industry. SNIA is the neutral arbiter of technology definitions, source of standards, and is sort of a weird dysfunctional family where all storage experts seem to just….belong.

So buckle up buttercup, this blog is gonna be a weird ride.

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